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The Cowen Hamilton Secondary School Library was founded in 1965 when a wooden building was donated by British Petroleum to house the library facilities. The National Library and Information Authority (NALIS) has the responsibility of managing all educational libraries at the secondary schools of Trinidad and Tobago.

For more information on NALIS, please click on the link: http://www.nalis.gov.tt/


Miss D. Ragoonanan   - Librarian 1 (Ag.)

Miss C. Muralie          - Library Technician 11

Miss V. Singh            - Library Assistant 1

CONTACT US: chsslmc@gmail.com


1.  All bags are to be placed on the shelves at the entrance: No bags are allowed at the tables.

2. No food, drink or chewing gum is to be brought into the library.

3. The library should be quiet at all times. If you must discuss some lesson or project, do so quietly.

4. No more than 2 books may be borrowed at the same time. When you want to borrow a book, take it to the circulation desk so that the library staff can check it out for you. You must return all books to the circulation desk.

5. Any book lost or damaged has to be paid for (or replaced by a suitable item in good condition) by the student. Students should not lend books borrowed from the library to anyone else.

6. Magazines, newspapers, vertical files and all reference books are to be used in the library.

7. All students are expected to take care of the books and keep the Library tidy by putting waste paper in the bin.

8. Students have a Two (2) week loan period. After this period the book becomes overdue and a fine of twenty –five cents ($0.25) per week is charged.

9. Students who are being transferred or are leaving school before Form 5 are required to return all books before they leave.

10. Students must purchase a Copy Mate photocopy card in order to do copies.

11. Forms 1-5 students are required to obtain written permission from the Dean/ Vice Principal/Principal if they wish to use the Library during class time.

12. No electronic items are allowed in the library. This includes cellular phones, iPods and cameras. 



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